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The Development Direction Of Straightening Machine In China
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Some of the more well-known metallurgical equipment manufacturers in China have been constantly improving the performance of straightening machines, making the automation of straightening equipment, high rigidity and full hydraulics more powerful, and straightening the steel plate parts. The effect is even better. The straightening techniques used can be generally divided into: roll changing device, bending roll system, hydraulic balance system, prestressed frame, group rotation of the pressing system and individual rotation.

For the transmission system of most straightening equipment, the straightening transmission method of the roller of the safety straightener, the motor, the reduction gear distribution box, and the universal straightening device is basically adopted. When the straight equipment is used to straighten the steel, because the length of the steel is plastically deformed, the speed of the straightened roller and the steel are different and reach three percent, so the additional torque of the equipment is also caused. The overall rotation will affect the gears and shafts of the equipment, causing damage. If the speed of the rollers of the steel and straightening equipment is wrong, the steel will slip and cause damage to the surface of the steel. However, in order to avoid such defects. The situation arises that the rollers of the straightening equipment should be as much as possible with the group drive and the separate drive, and it is also convenient to control the tension of the straightener equipment.