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Precautions For Cleaning The Four-column Quick Hydraulic Press
- Oct 31, 2018 -

1. When cleaning the oil pipe of the hydraulic press, avoid dirt and other impurities such as cotton yarn, and mix it into the pipe. The four-column quick hydraulic mechanism affects the system function.

2. When cleaning the main system of the four-column rapid hydraulic machine, a temporary oil filter should be installed on the return pipe of the main circuit to filter out impurities in the main system.

3, four-column fast hydraulic machine main system cleaning, no oil, alcohol used as a cleaning agent to avoid corrosion of hydraulic components, usually use a temperature of 38 ° C and a viscosity of 20cst turbine oil as a cleaning agent, if the oil temperature rises to 50 ° C - At 80 ° C, the cleaning effect will be very good.

4. After the four-column quick hydraulic press is cleaned, each tissue should be restored to its original position, and all parts of the fuel tank should be cleaned and new hydraulic oil added in the equipment operation manual.

5. After the four-column rapid hydraulic press cleans the original liquid system, it needs to be debugged item by item.