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Four Column Hydraulic Press Precision Adjustment Instructions
- Oct 31, 2018 -

First, before adjusting the four-column hydraulic press, loosen the four lock nuts on the upper beam. The dial indicator first checks the parallelism between the lower plane of the movable beam and the front and rear (left and right) of the upper plane of the table. If it is not required, tighten or loosen the front (left) two adjustment nuts or the rear (right) two adjustment nuts under pressure.

Second, the measurement adjustment meets the requirements. After the front and rear (left and right) parallelism meets the requirements, the left and right (front and rear) parallelism is measured and adjusted by the above method. After the intermediate position meets the requirements, it should also check whether the parallelism of the movable beam at the two positions below the requirements meets the requirements. When it is found that the deviation of the parallelism between the upper and lower positions exceeds the requirements, and the direction of the measured data is reversed, it should be considered to check the assembly condition and check whether the accuracy of the parts such as the movable beam meets the requirements.

Third, after the parallel adjustment of the four-column hydraulic press is completed, check whether the verticality of the movable beam is in compliance with the requirements. When the requirements are not met. The adjustment method is the same as the method of adjusting the parallelism until it meets the requirements. Similarly, when it is found that the accuracy of the verticality is contradictory to the accuracy of the parallelism, and the values are greater than the specified value, the quality of the assembly and the quality of the parts such as the movable beam should be checked.

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