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Force Measuring Principle Of Testing Machine
- Oct 31, 2018 -

(1) Definition of dynamic effects

The dynamic effect of force refers to the change of the momentum of the object, the acceleration is generated. By measuring the mass of the object and the acceleration obtained, according to Newton's second law, the force acting on the object is determined, and the gravity of the earth in the gravitational field The object generates gravitational acceleration, that is, gravity is generated. Therefore, knowing the mass of the object and the gravitational acceleration of the location, the gravity generated by the object is known.

(2) Definition of static effect

The static effect of force is to make the object deform (linear deformation or angular change). Using the elastic object in the elastic range, the amount of deformation of the object is proportional to the force (or torque), in determining the amount of deformation and After the corresponding relationship between the force value (or torque or couple), the force value (or torque or couple) can be measured by measuring the elastic deformation of the object. The test machine directly applies the force value (or torque or force) according to the static effect of the force. The components of the couple are springs, load cells, torque sensors, and pressure gauges or pressure gauges can be used to directly measure the burst strength of the board.