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Correct Oil Change Steps For Hydraulic Press
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The correct oil change step of the hydraulic machine should first release the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic mailbox, clean the fuel tank, add new hydraulic oil, then remove the circuit main pipe, start the engine and run down, make the oil pump work, operate the mechanism separately, rely on the hydraulic oil The old oil in the circuit is discharged one by one until the return oil main pipe has new oil flowing out. Finally, the oil return main pipe is connected with the fuel tank, and the new hydraulic oil is added to the fuel tank to the specified position.

Of course, this way to change the oil to the hydraulic press also has its drawbacks, it is said to have a pilot loader, so that the oil change, first idling, the pilot oil pressure is 35 kg, just the engine, pilot oil (that is, the new oil) Just go back to the oil pipe, it is not necessarily enough to prepare 3 large barrels of hydraulic oil. In addition, there is not only one return pipe, which needs to be removed one by one, so it is very troublesome to do it one by one.