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What is the advanced nature of the carpet cutting machines
- Dec 22, 2018 -

Carpet cutting machines is mainly used in the automotive interior industry. It specializes in the production of carpet mats, lawn mats, car mats, wire mats, leather seat covers, etc. The cutting materials are mainly wire loops and super Leather, leather, imitation leather, fur fur, XPE, sponge composite leather and other materials.


The carpet cutting machines adopts the vibrating knife cutting, laser positioning, fast and precise cutting of various materials, arbitrary cutting without any die, no need for electric scissors to manually cut, and no laser machine to burn. In short, it is perfect for carpet mats, car mats, car seat covers, leather furs, etc.


The carpet cutting machines can accurately simulate various operation processes through the computer to realize the program operation, which eliminates the interference of the traditional materials due to personal factors such as workers' emotions, technology, fatigue, etc., and avoids hidden waste, thereby improving the material utilization rate;


At the same time, it is also possible to modify the model in time, save the development time of the board, quickly release the board, quickly change the board, and adapt to the rapid and ever-changing market demand. In addition, it also supports non-standard cutting machines customization, customers can choose the machine according to the wide range of products.