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Under Cylinder Four Column Hydraulic Press - the following matters and methods of use
- Jan 04, 2019 -

The four-column hydraulic press-lower top cylinder is also subject to certain methods and precautions during the process of use. During operation, it must be commissioned on-site. During the commissioning process, the hardware or control system of the four-column hydraulic machine can be seen by watching and listening. Is it normal? In addition, check that all control buttons and pressure gauges are working properly. After commissioning for a period of time, if the normal four-column hydraulic press is running, it can be officially delivered.

Four-column hydraulic press - matters needing attention under the top cylinder.

1. Wipe off the anti-rust oil and clean the machine.

2. Turn on the cooling water.

3. Fill the tank with hydraulic oil and the amount of oil injected is about 270 liters.

4. Turn on the power and check that the body is well grounded. Close the main switch and start the motor (no oil start). Pay attention to the direction of motor rotation (in the direction indicated by the arrow).

5. Place a pad with a diameter of not less than ф300mm, a height of not less than 600mm, and a capacity of more than 150 tons, and a parallel work of not less than 0.02/ф300mm in the center of the upper and lower workbench.

6. Check the travel switch for looseness or if it needs to be re-adjusted.