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The scope and performance characteristics of the Hydraulic Press H Type Frame
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The Hydraulic Press H Type Frame can be used for different processing of metal or non-metal workpieces, including embossing, extrusion, shallow drawing, shaping, overmolding and trimming. For the time being, typical products that Hydraulic Press H Type Frames can suppress include case, strap, eyeglass frames and parts, such as frames, tableware, signs, locks, auto parts and hardware parts.


The Hydraulic Press H Type Frame is especially suitable for cold extrusion and forging of aluminum and aluminum alloy products. The whole machine adopts the integral frame welded structure and has good rigidity. And with 45 ° or 90 ° eight-sided guiding function, accurate and reliable. During the normal operation of the equipment, not only the work efficiency is high, but also the running noise is low, and the long-term operation state is stable and reliable.


At the same time, the Hydraulic Press H Type Frame is also safe and reliable to use, and is equipped with corresponding safety protection devices. Its electrical system is controlled by proximity switches and programmable controllers, which are sensitive and accurate. The whole machine has the advantages of excellent performance, stable and reliable, and meets the long-term production and processing requirements of users.