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The role of the Wheelbarrow Hhydraulic presses and the precautions for use
- Nov 28, 2018 -

The hydraulic press of the trolley is a kind of special hydraulic oil as the working medium. The hydraulic pump is used as the power source. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder/piston through the hydraulic line by the force of the pump. Finally, the hydraulic oil is circulated in the fuel tank through the check valve. The cylinder/piston cycles work to complete a certain mechanical action as a machine for productivity.


Different combinations of seals can be used in the cylinder/piston of the trolley hydraulic press. Usually the seals in different positions are completely different, but they all play a role of sealing, so that the hydraulic oil can not leak. The machine can be used for hot and cold processing of steel plate and profile molding, rolling, straightening, folding, making container head, pipe flaring and so on.


In the process of using the trolley hydraulic press, first of all, it must be noted that the oil used must be strictly filtered before it can be added to the fuel tank, and the amount of oil injected into the fuel tank should not be lower than the oil standard. Should be added to the position of the oil mark. In addition, the working fluid needs to be replaced once a year, and the first replacement should be within three months. The exposed parts of the column should be kept clean and the oil should be injected before each machine operation.