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Technical characteristics of Animal Salt Licking Block Press Machines and its product advantages
- Jan 23, 2019 -

The animal salt mineral block hydraulic press is a new type of hydraulic briquetting machine developed independently according to the user's needs. It is mainly used to produce salt blocks, which are for cattle and sheep. In fact, the animal salt mineral block hydraulic press is a four-column hydraulic press, which is the application of the four-column hydraulic press in forming technology.


The device uses salt as a carrier to compress the salt of calcium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, zinc-manganese, iron, selenium and other macro-trace elements which meet the needs of the body of cattle and sheep, and feeds the cattle for feeding. The body of the sheep needs to be easily absorbed by cattle and sheep.


The salt and salt blocks produced by the animal salt and mineral block hydraulic machine are rationally formulated to supplement the various minerals needed by cattle and sheep to achieve a balanced nutritional effect; the added mineral nutrients enhance the absorption and utilization of trace elements in cattle and sheep. Can significantly increase the weight of the animal, milk production, reproduction rate and survival rate.


At the same time, it helps to enhance the physical quality of livestock, improve animal immunity, and effectively prevent the occurrence of various diseases. The product has high density and hard texture, and can adapt to various climatic conditions and has good anti-raining properties. The product is rich in nutrients, comprehensive nutrition, good palatability, promotes the appetite of cattle and sheep, and significantly improves physical fitness.