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System design and performance characteristics of Car Interior Parts Servo Hydraulic Machines
- Jan 12, 2019 -

The automotive interior parts press is designed for the automotive interior parts industry. It is suitable for the process of press forming, trimming and blanking of automotive interior parts. It can also be used for the bending and flanging of sheet metal parts. The work table is large, the speed is fast, the product is evenly pressed, the operation is convenient, and the working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements.


The automotive interior parts press adopts the CNC hydraulic machine controlled by the servo system. It has high stability and long service life, avoiding the problem of oil leakage of the traditional hydraulic machine, ensuring the quality of the automotive interior parts and suitable for the interior parts. Press molding, trimming, blanking and other processes of the product.


The servo system controls the linear displacement sensor, pressure sensor, etc. detected by the slider stroke, and displays the parameters such as the stroke, speed, pressure and integration time of the slider through the industrial touch screen display. The hydraulic control adopts the advanced cartridge valve integrated system, with large flow and stable operation. It also has pressure overload protection function. The upper limit of the slider has a safety bolt structure. The charging protection device is installed in front of the workbench to ensure operation, mold change and maintenance. Personal safety.