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Performance characteristics and process requirements of Interior Trim Part Hydraulic Presses
- Dec 12, 2018 -

The automotive interior parts hydraulic machine is specially designed for the automotive interior parts industry. It is suitable for the process of press forming, trimming and blanking of automotive interior parts, and can also be used for the bending and flanging of metal sheets. The work surface is large, the speed is fast, the product is evenly pressed, and the PLC is automatically controlled. The operation is convenient. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements. The upper limit of the slider has a safety locking structure, and the photoelectric protection device is installed in front of the work table. To ensure personal safety during operation, mold change and maintenance.

Performance characteristics of automotive interior parts hydraulic press

1. The automotive interior parts hydraulic machine has two structures, four columns and frame. The fuselage adopts finite element structure analysis and optimization design, and the structure is reasonable.

2. Multi-cylinder structure ensures uniform pressure on large countertops

3. The hydraulic system is controlled by an integrated cartridge valve, which is sensitive, reliable and leak-free.

4. PLC-controlled electrical system with reliable performance and good flexibility.

5. The press is equipped with a hydraulic safety circuit and a dead center locking mechanism on the slider for good safety performance. Optional accessories or features.

6. Oil heating or cooling device, photoelectric protection device