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Mode selection and inspection requirements for Auto Parts Hydraulic Presses
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The functional characteristics of the body part hydraulic press is that the equipment has various press-fit modes such as constant pressure mode, fixed-range mode, timing mode, and piece counting mode. The pressure display can directly display the tonnage, and the stroke display directly shows the accuracy to 0.02mm. It can be digitally controlled when the constant pressure is fixed, which is more accurate and greatly reduces the scrap rate.

The stroke setting of the body part hydraulic press can be arbitrarily set to “0” point, which greatly improves the operator's accuracy. Multiple detection points can be set, and the relationship between all detection points and displacement can generate a table, as well as a pressure curve, and the upper and lower limits of the pressure can be set according to user requirements. If it exceeds the setting range, it can automatically alarm and automatically judge whether it is qualified or not.

The pressure of all the detection points in the body part hydraulic press can be automatically calculated as an average value, or the average value range can be set according to user requirements. A variety of press-fit modes can be selected at the same time. Save the record and select different press-fit modes depending on the process. All press-fit data can be automatically saved and extracted.