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Maintenance essentials for Wheelbarrow Hhydraulic presses and basic requirements for working media
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The trolley hydraulic press consists of three systems, including the operating system, the smooth system and the electrical components. Different systems have different functions. The curing fluid needs to be treated differently. First of all, the joints of the hydraulic presses of the trolley are smooth and smooth in time, and the operation is complete. Check the upper and lower cylinder heads, motor base and hammer body anchor screws to ensure a firm and secure fit.

The maintenance of the smooth system of the trolley hydraulic press should pay attention to the cleaning oil pump and filter; scrub, view, clear the two-column oil circuit and eliminate oil leakage. The maintenance of the hydraulic equipment of the trolley should be cleaned by scrubbing the motor and the dust outside the electrical box. Clean, view, and clean up the electrical circuit, complete the combination, solid connection, safe and secure.

In addition, the trolley hydraulic machine also has basic requirements for the working medium, such as suitable fluidity and low compressibility, can prevent rust, has a good smooth function; easy to seal; safe and stable, long-term work without transformation, etc. At present, most of the hydraulic presses are made of mineral oil as the working medium. The medium has good smoothness, corrosion resistance and moderate viscosity, which is beneficial to improve the function of the hydraulic press.