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Main use and structural configuration of DMC Moulding Hydraulic Presses
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Composite hydraulic press is mainly used for molding of thermosetting and thermoplastic composite materials such as SMC, EMC, GMT, LFT-D, etc. It can be widely used in new energy vehicles, ships, building petrochemicals, energy building materials, electric appliances, electronic communications, rail transit, Aerospace and other fields are a hydraulic machine with a promising future market.


Composite hydraulic presses have many advantages such as high efficiency, accuracy, reliability, energy saving, environmental protection and economy. Its body adopts Q235B, which is welded by submerged arc welding. After welding, it is treated by vibration to ensure the degree of deformation of the fuselage. The machine is equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical control system. It adopts centralized control of buttons, which can realize two kinds of forming processes: fixed pressure and constant pressure. It has functions of pressure display, stroke and pressure adjustment.


The hydraulic system of the composite hydraulic press is located inside the fuselage, which is beautiful in appearance and convenient to operate. It can be designed for indenter type correction, with four-column guide column guide to improve product precision, and copper and hard chrome after quenching of column and piston rod. To ensure the wear resistance and high roughness of the surface, the oil pump inlet is equipped with a unique filter device to ensure the service life of the oil pump and valve.


The hydraulic circuit of the composite hydraulic machine is connected with imported high-pressure hose, which greatly reduces the noise of the machine. In addition, according to user requirements, additional components such as imported PLC, grating protection and human-machine interface can be configured. For the special requirements of customers, we can specially design and produce, and meet the requirements of customers' production process to a large extent.