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Main performance characteristics of H frame Hydraulic Press-Moving Table
- Nov 20, 2018 -

The H frame Hydraulic Press-Moving Table can be used as a high-precision special equipment for deep drawing and drawing of metal sheets, and its molding ability can be designed as needed. In order to meet the requirements of production speed and mechanical safety, the machine adopts special circuit to achieve its safety and high speed. It also has a safe and practical control system, which is easy to operate and high in work efficiency.


The oil pressure device is arranged in the structure, and the device adopts a logic loop method, which is excellent in leakproof and shockproof performance, has a neat appearance and is easy to maintain. In addition, the quality of the H frame Hydraulic Press-Moving Table is strictly controlled, achieving professional production, excellent product performance and reliable accuracy.


The H frame Hydraulic Press-Moving Table is provided with front and rear moving table tops for easy removal and replacement of products and large molds. The equipment operates reliably and the operation is safe and convenient. It can realize two operation modes of jog adjustment and semi-automatic work, which can realize fast and slow clamping and squeezing functions of no-load, high work efficiency and low energy consumption.