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Hydraulic machine operating principle
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The working principle of the radial piston type hydraulic motor, when the pressure oil enters the bottom of the plunger in the cylinder through the window of the fixed oil distribution shaft 4, the plunger protrudes outwardly and tightly against the inner wall of the stator due to the stator and The cylinder body has an eccentricity. When the plunger is in contact with the stator, the reaction force of the stator to the plunger is that the hydraulic force can be decomposed into two component forces. When the oil pressure acting on the bottom of the plunger is p, the plunger When the diameter is d, the angle between the force and the force is X, the force generates a torque to the cylinder, the cylinder rotates, and the cylinder body outputs the torque and the rotational speed through the transmission shaft of the end face.