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How to debug the hydraulic station of a 1000-ton hydraulic press?
- Dec 03, 2018 -

The hydraulic stations of the 1000-ton hydraulic press are mostly closed-loop control systems, which must meet the requirements for stability, response time and accuracy of the hydraulic press system. The hydraulic tank of the 1000 ton hydraulic press is preferably made of stainless steel. Secondly, the hydraulic station uses a high-precision filter. According to the requirements of the electro-hydraulic servo valve, the filter accuracy is generally 5 to 10 μm. Finally, the hydraulic station tank and tube After the general system of pickling and the like, the road system is injected with low-viscosity hydraulic oil or turbine oil for no-load circulation flushing.

Zero adjustment of servo valve of 1000 tons hydraulic machine and zero adjustment of servo amplifier. In order to adjust the zero position of the system, sometimes the bias voltage is added; static test of 1000 tons hydraulic machine system, the static relationship between the controlled parameter and the command signal is measured, and the reasonable magnification is adjusted. Generally, the larger the magnification, the smaller the static error and the higher the control accuracy.

The dynamic test of the 1000-ton hydraulic press system uses dynamic test instruments. It is usually necessary to measure the system stability, frequency response and error to determine whether the design requirements can be met. The system dynamic and static test records can be used as the basis for future system operation evaluation. After putting into operation, it should regularly check and record the relevant values, oil temperature, oil pressure and oil pollution degree, as well as the stability of operation, the zero bias of the actuator, and the tracking of the signal by the actuator.