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How to Choose a One Way Valve for Hydraulic Press Machine
- Dec 13, 2018 -

Hydraulic press in the hydraulic control one-way valve is a special one-way valve, it can not only achieve the general one-way valve function, but also according to the need to achieve reverse flow.

When selecting the hydraulic control one-way valve of the hydraulic press, the control pressure required by the hydraulic control one-way valve should be taken into account.In addition, the influence of the system pressure change on the control oil pipeline pressure change should also be taken into account to avoid false start.

Hydraulic control one-way valve circuit design should ensure that the reverse oil flow has enough control pressure, to ensure the opening of the spool.Internal and external drainage type hydraulic control one-way valve, respectively, for the reverse flow of oral oil pressure is lower or higher occasions, is to reduce the control pressure.

When the hydraulic press control one-way valve from the control piston to push the valve core, so that the reverse oil flow through, to remove the control oil, control the return of the piston, is the process of valve core re-closed, control the oil in the piston chamber to control oil outlet discharge.If the oil return back of the control circuit is relatively high, the oil discharge will not be smooth, then the control piston can not return quickly, the valve core closing speed will also be affected, at this time the need to quickly cut off the reverse oil flow system is not able to meet the requirements.Therefore, the pressure oil can be introduced into the outlet and the piston can be forced to return quickly by the drain type hydraulic control one-way valve.