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How to adjust the straightening machine very well
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Adjusting the speed of the straightening machine is to operate according to the bending degree and material of the steel pipe. Usually, the bending and the harder, and the slower the speed, the faster the opposite, in order to make the angle of the straightening roller If there is good contact, the surface principle of the steel pipe and the roller must be ensured. After the roller is worn, the relative adjustment can be made according to the situation. When the adjustment is started, the steel pipe can be fed into the roller, which can make 4 points. The length of the roller body is in contact with the tube, but the gap between the roller and the tube should be kept at a gap of not more than 0.05 to 0.1 mm to prevent the occurrence of the concave defect. By adjusting the distance between the upper and lower rollers of the straightening machine, As well as the curvature and material of the steel pipe being straightened, and the required accuracy to adjust the straightening reduction.

Usually, it varies with the hardness and wall thickness of the steel pipe, the degree of curvature and the diameter. This is the adjustment rule of the reduction of the steel pipe. If the hardness and wall thickness of the steel pipe are corrected, the diameter and the degree of curvature The larger the pressure, the greater the reduction. On the contrary, the smaller the hardness, wall thickness, curvature and diameter, the smaller the reduction. The reduction is generally from small to large. Adjusted, its adjustment amount is within 0.6 ~ 1.9 mm, and different pressure effects are applied to each roller by straightening.