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How is the performance of the wheel radial load fatigue tester
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The wheel radial load fatigue testing machine is mainly composed of a host computer, a microcomputer control unit, a strong electric control unit, and a test attachment. The main machine adopts the welded structure design and manufacture, horizontal loading design; the large rotating drum adopts international standard design, the design diameter is 1700mm, and the road surface state is simulated as realistic as possible (the excitation speed regulating motor drives the rotating drum to realize stepless speed regulation, and realizes the test of different traveling speed.


At the same time, the loading bracket of the wheel radial load fatigue testing machine adopts low-damping linear element transmission; the imported servo motor drives the closed-loop control and the load sensor to complete the measurement of the applied load; the closed-loop control of the fatigue test load, and the emergency stop function of the fatigue damage.


In addition, the wheel radial load fatigue testing machine is designed with safety devices, which can automatically stop when there is a puncture, wheel damage, etc.; configure the electric control box to complete the drive control of the motor; configure the industrial control computer, the computer built-in signal amplification The A/D converts the integrated card board to complete the signal amplification of the sensor and the analog-to-digital conversion of the signal.


In addition, the wheel radial load fatigue testing machine is also equipped with HP laser printer; it has safety protection facilities; it can set the number of revolutions and automatically stop when the specified number of revolutions; independent counting unit two stations independently count; heat dissipation system It is beneficial to eliminate the heat generated during the wheel hub test and prevent overheating and puncture.