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Correct straightening machine adjustment method
- Oct 31, 2018 -

1. We must know that we can't prevent objects on the mechanical straightening machine of Liguo, and avoid falling objects into the body due to vibration.

2. If the straightening block is not fixed or the protective cover is covered, we can't feed it. We can't open the protective cover during the operation.

3. After we send the steel bar to the impeller, we must maintain the corresponding distance, which is too unreliable.

4. When straightening the end of the steel bar, our operators must avoid the intrusion and hurt people.

5. If the length of the steel bar is less than 2 meters or the diameter is more than 9 mm, then we should use low speed to work.

6. After finishing the work, we will return the straightening block to its original position.

7. When inspecting the straightening machine, we can turn the flywheel by hand to adjust the gap. After everything is normal, we can see if there is any sound in the bearing. If it is normal, we can work.