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Comparison between servo press and traditional hydraulic press
- Oct 31, 2018 -

First, improve production efficiency

The stroke length is set to the necessary value for production. The molding speed suitable for the processing content can be maintained.

Second, the product has high precision

Through the closed loop feedback control, the accuracy of the bottom dead center is always guaranteed. Suppresses the product from burrs and prevents the production of undesirable products.

Third, low noise, long die life

Through the low noise mode (ie reducing the contact speed of the slider with the sheet), the noise is greatly reduced compared to mechanical presses. The vibration of the touch tool is small and the life is long.

Fourth, the controllability of the downstroke

The downstroke can be set by the customer according to the production IMD mold, the data is open, and a variety of setting data can be saved, and the repeated operation reaches 0.01MM.

Five, energy saving and environmental protection

The servo press is powered by the servo motor and is driven to drop in the form of a pulse. The motor does not have to be in the running state all the time, which greatly saves power and reduces costs.