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Analyze the reason why the servo hydraulic pressure does not come up
- Oct 31, 2018 -

(1) Common sense errors. For example, if the fuel tank oil is insufficient, the hydraulic oil is replaced, the three-phase voltage is connected, and the pressure regulating valve does not adjust the pressure. This usually occurs when the servo hydraulic press is used for the first time.

(2) Oil leakage. First check if there are any obvious signs of oil leakage on the machine surface. If not, it is the piston seal is damaged. The cylinder can be eliminated to replace the oil seal.

(3) The power is not enough. It usually appears on old machines, or the motor is aging, or the pump is lost. The aging of the motor is relatively rare, because if it is an aging problem, the servo hydraulic machine sounds very loud because it does not bring such a large amount of power. You can insert the palm of your hand into the oil pipe to see if the suction is great when the machine is pressed, the pump will be fine, and vice versa.

(4) The valve is blocked and the hydraulic valve is broken. The spring clamp cannot be reset on the spring, which will cause the pressure not to come. If the manual switch valve is removed, it should be cleaned.

(5) The pressure gauge of the servo hydraulic press is broken, which is also possible.