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Advantages of SMC Moulding Hydraulic Presses and their daily inspection contents
- Jan 21, 2019 -

Composite hydraulic presses are used for the compression molding of thermoset and thermoplastic composites such as SMC, EMC, GMT, and LFT-D. Can be widely used in marine vehicles, building petrochemicals, energy building materials, electrical appliances, electronic communications, rail transit, aerospace and other fields.


The composite hydraulic press has many advantages of “efficient, precise, reliable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical”, and is an excellent example of the quality, efficiency and value of the hydraulic press in the composite products industry. The daily inspection of the composite hydraulic press mainly includes the oil quantity and temperature in the fuel tank; the oil leakage at each sealing part and pipe joint; the looseness of the relief valve and other pressure valve pressure adjustment parts.


There are also other checks on composite hydraulic presses, such as whether the local temperature is normal or not, and excessive local temperature may be caused by excessive friction or excessive internal leakage. Excessive temperature at the solenoid reversing valve coil is usually caused by voltage fluctuations. If the pressure difference between the two ends of the filter exceeds the specified value, the blockage is serious and should be replaced.