Single Column Hydraulic Power Press Machine 25 Tons

Single Column Hydraulic Power Press Machine 25 Tons

This press machine is widely used in Motor, Autoparts, BMC, DMC,Household Appliances, Metal Processing, etc.

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Product Details
Single Column Hydraulic Press

ML41 is a small and medium-sized press machine, suitable for straightening the shaft and profile, and assembling the shaft sleeve. Meanwhile it is used in bending, embossing, shaping, shallow drawing on metal material. Also to these low requirements for pressure, the powder compacting and plastic material. Its applications  are machine tool, internal combustion engine, wind driven generator, solar energy support, textile machinery, axle, shafts, washing machine, automotor, air conditioner motor,electrical appliances, etc.


Control Modes

-Hands button;

-24V low voltage control;

-Scram button;

-Manual and automatic mode conversion.

Optional components:

-Servo System;

-Safety light curtains;

-Safety Relay;

-Limited blocks;

-Manual control speed or electrical control speed;

-Square pressing block;

-Ejection cylinder;


-Mechanical position.

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